Beer from the Past

English version of “Bier van Vroeger”

Classic & Historical Beers

We are familiar with beer for ages. Beer became the popular drink, especially in areas with a temperate climate (North-Western Europe) where wheat, barley and oats could grow well. Traditionally, brewing was mainly done at home. In the early Middle Ages, monasteries emerged where brewing was mainly done for their own needs. With the rise of cities in the later Middle Ages, the first breweries emerged.
Obviously, beer styles and brewing methods also developed through the centuries. Most beer styles from approximately 200 years and more ago are now extinct. Beer styles that are popular and trendy today often have only been around for a very short time.
The fact that the beer styles of a few centuries ago are now extinct does not mean that they did not taste good. On the contrary, there were some very tasty ones.
In my blog I, Johannes Homan, try to discover what classic and historical beers, the beers of the past, tasted like and how they were brewed.
Please note that the blog is written in dutch. For translation, use the language selector on the right.

Beer History


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